10 Essential Plumbing tools and Materials

10 Essential Plumbing tools and Materials 150 150 Clickafix

There’s a leak below the kitchen sink. You access the situation and it looks like something you can fix, however you don’t have the tools to handle it and have to call a plumber. I believe everyone has been in a similar situation at some point, you notice something wrong at home, try to fix it and discover you lack the right tools for the task. Of course there are plumbing tasks that require specialist experience but there are others that just require you having the right tools, materials and time. If you’re a handy person who loves to fix things, you’ll need some tools to help get you on your way. Here are 10 essential tools to add to your equipment box at home.

  1. Plungers

Clogged toilet? No problem. A plunger may just be all you need to make your toilet great again. A plunger helps to clear clogged toilets by using hydraulic pressure. There are different types such as the flange and sink/tub plungers. Flange plungers are better suited for clogged toilets while sink/tub are for sinks and tubs. It is important not to confuse the two.

2. Drain Augers

Drain augers are used to unclog drains. Drain augers are slim and lenghty. They are used by inserting into drains twisting until the blockage is removed. 

3. Plumber’s tape

Also known as PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) tape, the plumber’s tape is thin, white and usually wrapped around pipe threads before fitting the parts together. It is a must-have for any plumber, hobbyist or professional.

4. Adjustable Wrench

This is another indispensable tool for every plumber. As the name plies, the adjustable wrench can be adjusted to fit different sizes of bolts, nuts or whatever they are used to loosen. 

5. Pipe Wrench

Similar to the adjustable wrench but without the room for adjustments. It comes in different sizes and is used for tightening or loosening pipes.

6. Pliers

Pliers should be present in every home as their use case goes beyond just plumbing. They are used to hold things in place or unloosen as the case may be. There are different types of pliers with some more suited to plumbing roles having slimmer handles for use in small spaces. 

7. Hacksaw

Hacksaws are smaller saws used for cutting. For the plumber, they are used for cutting pipes to shapes. 

8. Copper tubing

When you want to cut copper tubes/pipes, it is better to use copper tubing. A hacksaw may serve the same purpose but the copper tubing is faster and more convenient.

9. Plastic Pipe Cutter

You can make cutting PVC pipes easier by using plastic pipe cutters. It operates like a plier but with sharp metal cutting edges.

10. PVC Cement

PVC cement are special glues used in joining PVC pipes. 

Should you lack these tools or encounter a plumbing issue beyond your skill set, it is advisable to involve a professional plumber. You can source your plumbers on Clickafix to handle all your plumbing challenges at the best prices.