6 handy tips for choosing the right handyman for you

6 handy tips for choosing the right handyman for you 150 150 Clickafix

Repairs around the home are constant. Every now and then issues crop up that require your attention. Even when you’re great at fixing stuff, creating the time for such activity may mean postponing fixing the leak in the kitchen for over a week. Or you may want to do some minor structural adjustments around the house. This is one reason why we choose to outsource some of these activities to handymen or other professionals.

A handyman is someone that does repairs and other minor improvements usually around the home. They are mostly unlicensed and may not have formal training. Due to how unregulated it is, securing the right handyman for the task often comes with some extra effort and a stroke of luck. Imagine the horror of hiring a handyman to fix an electrical issue and having an electrical shock from the same appliance later that night.

This is why it’s important to do some due diligence before selecting the right handyman for your work. Here are five handy tips to consider when choosing a handyman for your home;

1. Referrals

Referrals are the go-to option for hiring handymen. You call a friend to ask who helped fix stuff around the house, he sends you the phone number with glowing recommendations of the handyman, and you call the person and schedule a tip. Referrals also save you some stress as you can get useful information on how this person delivers his job. Before scheduling a meeting, ensure to get as much information you can about the quality of service to expect.

2. Physical interview

Schedule a meeting to discuss specifications, experience, and if the person is a great fit for the task. As much as possible, avoid agreeing to a job over the phone. Where you will be unavailable, you can have someone at home to do the interview and subsequent hiring for the task.

3. Experience

Experience is always important. Of course, more experience may mean more premium pricing but find ways to gauge the handyman’s experience with similar tasks in the past. One way to do this is by asking for photos.

4. Ask to see photos

For jobs such as minor woodwork, or plumbing, you can request to see photos of previous jobs by the handyman.

5. Consider going through an established marketplace

With an agency, you are sure of hiring pre-vetted handymen. There is also that added ‘insurance’ from knowing that when you have complaints, you have the agency you can easily contact. Agencies save you a lot of stress and may even come cheaper.

In all, take proper care when hiring handymen as it’s easy to fall into the hands of quacks.

Hiring a great handyman shouldn’t be too difficult. That’s why a service like Clickafix exists to make the process easier.

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